Hot Topics in Computer Graphics WS09/10


  • Registration will open on Monday, August 31.
  • The maximal number of participants for each seminar is 24. Registration will be handled in the order of application.
  • Topics will be assigned at the first meeting.

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  • lecturer Holger Theisel, Janick Martinez Esturo
  • time Thursdays, 11-13h, place G22A-210
  • time Thursdays, 13-15h, place G29-K059


During the last decades, computer graphics has become a widespread and sophisticated branch of computer science due to constant and high-quality research. In this seminar we will discuss up-to-date and seminal works which advance the state-of-the-art of the field of computer graphics. The topics are selected to be of scientific importance and at the same time to be comprehensible and understandable with basic knowledge of computer science and computer graphics.


  • computer graphics
  • maths (mainly linear algebra and numerics)