Student registration

In order to register for courses you require a student registration in this project server.

Use the following algorithm to obtain or check your registration.

  • [1] Try to sign in (follow the link). IF you obtained an error message proceed to [2], ELSE proceed to [3].
  • [2] In order to create a new student account click here.
  • [2a] sleep() (see note below)
  • [3] IF you can follow this link without an error message, you are done -- RETURN.
  • [4] You already have an account, but it's not a student account. Follow the link to register as a student.

Important Note

There is a certain latency involved with [2]: your login has to be approved and activated manually by an administrator. This may take a while. (Hence, [3] will not work immediately.)

See here in case an existing login does not work anymore.