From 10.01.2009 to 08.02.2009


avatar 21:43 Automatic links to homepages.
Define a mapping from author names (Regexp) to homepage url in @config/homepages@. For known mappings, links are rend... Christian Rössl


avatar 15:20 Feature #15 (Closed): Clean namespace
There is too much going on within the Textile module and Formatter class.
Provide own module/namespace.
Christian Rössl


avatar 10:29 Feature #10 (Closed): Check query
Queries are now avoiding @eval@ (see r8). Christian Rössl


avatar 15:29 Feature #10 (Closed): Check query
The current implementation of queries is unsafe.
Either find a workaround or forbid it.
(All we have to do is to...
Christian Rössl
avatar 15:27 New BibTeX plugin
See [[Start|Wiki]] for details.
The current installation is for testing. I have to rename some of the test data in...
Christian Rössl
avatar 10:05 Support #8 (New): Move test configuration data
Move/rename test data in @configuration@ to @*.sample@ so changes are not checked into the repository. Christian Rössl
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